Why Change Differential Fluid?

The average vehicle owner likely doesn't know what differential fluid is. Yet, in a vehicle's owner's manual, a recommendation for changing the differential fluid at a set mileage is clearly mentioned. Those recommendations to change the differential fluid should not be ignored. Otherwise, issues with the transmission and wheels may arise.

Differential fluid runs through the differential gearbox. This particular gearbox works in harmony with the transmission to operate the drive wheels. A gearbox certainly needs to be lubricated or else the gears would wear down from friction. The differential fluid acts as a lubricant for the gearbox. As with any other type of automotive fluid, differential fluids suffer from age and use. Once the fluid wears down, it cannot lubricate the differential gearbox effectively. So, the fluid must be replaced.

Anyone living in Red Hill whose car is ready for a differential fluid change should bring the vehicle to Sands Ford of Red Hill. Our mechanics can expertly handle all fluid changes be it oil, differential, or transmission.

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